Thank you for being Freakquency Guitars’ partner from your beloved country. We look forward on having a very good long term relationship towards you. Rest assured we will always come up with something that will not only benefit us but both us, our partners and your customers


Payment amount will be divided into two,

The first required payment is $450 and the other half to be settled once done before shipping. Customer is entitled for a refund if Freakquency Guitars has not started with the process yet. If the service hasn’t started yet, you will be given a full refund but if we have started building the guitar already there will be a php3000/$70 cancellation fee for each guitar that has been started already.

Build time: build time is usually 4 to 6 months but there might be an instance that it might take up to 8 and that is the max. Still faster than any custom builders out in the market. If there is a request for some changes in the middle of the process it will be subject for approval.

Shipment: the guitar will be shipped on a box with inside and out protection. Rest assured that the guitar will be safely shipped. Shipping usually takes 5 to 7 business days via DHL. We only use DHL and we never had any problems with them. We will take photos of how the guitar looks and check if ther e’s any damage before shipping so therefore any damage upon receiving the guitar could be caused by the courier. Guitars are insured as per DHL. Shipping is FREE.

Giving update: we will be giving update if there is something we need to update you with. Customer can ask where are we at in regards to process. We don’t send photo updates as it’s hard for people to see the beauty of something that is not finished yet and we do not want to accidentally spill some of our secret sauces.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice (example like promotions and sale)