About Us

About Us

“High quality guitars made with passion and integrity at a very affordable price”

On September 1, 2019 Freakquency Guitars was founded by John Patrick Isidro , a big vintage and relic guitar fan. He himself was a guitar player and always has been fascinated about owning a vintage or a relic guitar but can’t afford one and that is why he has tried to relic his own guitar and the guitars of some of his friends too. A friend of his told him that he can turn that hobby of his into a business as it is unique and no one seems to have offered that kind of service in the Philippines just yet, John ignored that thought as he thinks the market is just small and only few people like relic guitars. But he then realized that it’s worth a try and he has nothing to lose anyway and that’s when he created Freakquency Custom Relic’s Facebook page. Freakquency Custom Relics offered repaint and relic services. To his surprise, Freakquency Custom Relics grew up so fast and many people have inquired and have sent their guitars for a relic or repaint service.

Around June 2020, Freakquency Custom Relics started to make relic partcasters. John has shared some of his works to a couple of Facebook groups and he had gained so many people’s attention that he actually started to get orders from people from the US and other countries as well. Freakquency Custom Relics fully transitioned to guitar making business and in August 2020 when Patrick met a group of people that can make him his guitars and these people used to make guitars for a Japanese brand. Freakquency Custom Relics officially changed their name to Freakquency Guitars in December 2020. Freakquency Guitars keeps on getting clients around the world and even some musical instrument stores have become Freakquency Guitars’ official distributor. Freakquency Guitars is indeed the most affordable “Non Fender” relic builder in the game and we are also making modern guitars already. Our goal is to provide a “boutique” like quality with a very affordable price.

February 2022 update:

As most of you have already known, just like other guitar brands, our guitars are outsourced or being made by a factory (which is also based here in the Philippines) ever since we shifted from relic services to a guitar brand but due to unprecedented difficulty with the production, few people had issues with some of the units they have released. 

One of these issues is the fact that the factory wont let us, their client, to go and visit their site to check our units due to their company policy, which is why it was so hard for us to provide updates to our customers as we are only relying on the limited information that they give us.

Another issue that we encountered is that they cannot meet the promised time for the completion of the builds which caused us to have delays on releasing the units that was ordered from us by our customers. 

With that being said, we decided to pull out our brand from them and start our own factory and production. 

Yes! We will make our own guitars. Because of this, we can provide better builds, secured consistency, strict and tight quality check, accurate and straight forward updates for our customers since we will now have full control of everything. 

Orders from last week of November to January have been put on hold but have been resumed already. Build time will now be officially 4 to 6 mos as we will focus on quality rather than quantity. Our brand’s potential are just yet to be seen. People can also come and visit our warehouse/showroom to test our units and to see how our guitars are being made soon! 

We wanted to take the time to thank you all. We like share this another milestone to us with you. We could have not done this without your love and support. We can’t wait to share with you some guitar making contents! Sending love, good vibes and peace to all of you.